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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 20, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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it is 50 years since freedom summer, 50 years since they died. is this back on the agenda? this is a test, but it is not merely a test. right now, breaking news, a shooting at one of america's greatest concert venues has them scrambling. and elite special forces to iraq, is this the president dipping the toe back into iraqi warfare? and record rainfall, and more flooding over the next few days. plus americans get fired up to take on portugal at the world cup. and the luckiest day of this rid rider's life caught on video. and a thousandmen tos dropped into a vat of diet coke.
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that's coming up. thanks for joining us, i'm betty. we want to begin with breaking news out of colorado. deputies are investigating a triple shooting that happened in a parking lot outside of the red rocks amphitheater. the shooter targeted the occupants of a white suv that fled the scene. when they found it, three victims were taken to the hospital. it had been shut down while they searched for the shooter. it was after a rap show. a major health scare for almost a hundred of america's top scientists. roughly 75 working at atlanta's centers before disease control may have come into contact with anthrax. they did not follow safety procedures while working with the live bacteria. none of the scientists have shown symptoms, but they are undergoing treatment to prevent
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infection. president obama is sending 300 military advisers to iraq. they will target insurgents and help train iraqi security forces. but yesterday's announcement raised question about the advisers role in iraq. richard ingle reports from baghdad. >> reporter: here in baghdad, people welcome this u.s. intervention. this city remains tense. there's a curfew, check points, baghdad is ringed by security forces, and people are genuinely concerned that militants from isis could either try to invade the city or send suicide bombs or car bombs and create chaos here. they want the u.s. bombing isis today, not tomorrow. and make no mistake, what's happening now is a military intervention from the united states. not american troops coming back here. but these 300 or so military advisers will be engaged in
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military activity. they'll be working with the iraqi military, guiding it, directing it to targets, picking targets on the radio, calling in air strikes, iraqi at first, possibly u.s. down the road. it is a military action, but by remote control. the u.s. isn't the only country doing this right now. there are already iranian advisers in the country from the elite iranian unit that's often hostile to the united states. the u.s. is often hostile to it. and both of them soon in the country effectively with the same mission. it's like a driversed car with two steering wheels. 300 americans on one wheel, the iranian force at the other wheel, and not at all clear that these two countries have the same vision for where this car, iraq, should go. richard engle, nbc news, baghdad. >> back at home, the pres by ter
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yan church voted to recognize same-sex marriage. now it will state that christian marriage can be the union of two people. not just a man and a woman. the change will have to be approved over the next year. it's a sweeping victory for gay rights advocates. today the president obama administration is looking at a change for the family and medical leave act. guaranteeing leave for a same sex spouse recogardless of the state of residence. it's a win for same-sex couples across the country. >> reporter: and it continues what we have been seeing the federal government do since the supreme court made that decision, striking down a key part of doma, the defense of marriage act. today's decision -- it's a proposal, and we got details
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overnight. would change the family and medical leave act so that same sex partners could take off work, despite what state they live in, whether or not their marriages are recognized or not. other federal departments are changing their laws. also today the justice department is announcing that they've wrapped up a review of federal benefits, and in almost all cases, extend benefits to same-sex couples. and they're calling on legislation, the folks on capitol hill, to change that. >> thank you. and speaking of change, a changing of the guard. house republicans elected current whip kevin mccarthy as the new majority leader. he defeated raul labrador as the number two. and rounding it up, steve alaska lease will take over as majority whip.
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and america's confidence slumped to a new low. a new poll showing just 7% of americans have a great deal or quite a love of confidence in congress. this is down from the previous low of 10% last year. all right, so it sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, but nasa's project is real. they plan to use a giant space claw to grab passing asteroids and park them above the moon. they will study them. they could use them to divert dangerous astroids. it could be up by 2019. and so is this. this is the latest action. take a listen. >> try everything to win the game, so if we win the game and they lose it, they are out of
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the tournament. >> the u.s. is going to face off against portugal. coming off a win against ghana, they will be without forward jozy altidore. he suffered a strained hamstring. and defender pepe for portugal will sit out for a one game suspension. and rinaldo's muscle injury leaves his status downknown. 6:00 p.m. eastern. and suarez was the saving grace, scoring two to top england's one. that keeps their world cup hopes alive. uruguay has a chance to advance. and colombia strikes first, and my vote for the best goal celebration. check out those moves. they practiced, and beat ivory coast 2-1. >> greece's captain had a second
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yellow card in the 39th minute. they ended in a draw, both need to win the next to capture the second spot in the group. and to 11-year-old u.s. women's open qualifier, lucy li. she shot a 78 in the first round. i love the pigtails. 11 strokes behind the leader. she dazzled the crowd in her patriotic outfit. she may be a long shot in the next round. she tees off at 12:52 p.m. >> it was poor judgment and it won't happen again. >> detroit tigers manager apologizing to a comment made to reporters on wednesday night. when asked how he handled losses, he joked that he beats his wife. well, he quickly told reporters that he was just joking, but it obviously did not go over well.
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he's offered to reach out to domestic abuse groups. and check out this guy, trying to take a selfie during an interview with allison smith. michael fell s photo bombed the swimmer. that's an epic photo. there is a state of emergency we need to tell you about. it's in minnesota, rough weather pounding that state with record rainfall, mass iflooding and a landslide, that was sneer the medical center in minneapolis. so much rain is continuing to fall, the potential for more mudslimud slides has not gone yet. and this is the state's wettest june on record. will they get relief? >> no, just enough for the rivers to go down. >> okay, take what they can get. >> they need a day or two at least to get the water from the
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small rivers to the big ones and ship it south. here's the rainfall totals for june. it's not just one spot. we're talking most of iowa, nebraska, southern minnesota, see how sioux falls has the lead at 13 inches. that's in -- what are we on the 20th day of the month? we have ten days left, and they have broken the record for the most rain ever in june. and the mississippi river, flooding through davenport. and flooding in sioux falls and sioux city. heading towards omaha. it's not record-breaking. but it's bad enough. and there are homes, water them and evacuations in the days ahead. and over the last three days, warm and high pressure system. an unusually cold system is responsible for the stormy weather and tornados earlier this week. the quiet weather pattern for today. that storm in the northern rockies drifts up into canada. still see storms, but not many severe storms. a stormy pattern for chicago,
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st. louis, atlanta, and the carolinas and beautiful into the northeast. and go into the weekend forecast. kind of a rainy day on saturday, looks along the carolina coast, and virginia coast too. and it only lasts so long. storms return to the flood area of iowa, minnesota and nebraska sunday, but hopefully after a two-day break things should improve a little bit. >> hoping for that. thank you, bill. it is a 72 mile per hour thrill ride that has fans shrieking. and the motorcycle stunt. and the passing of an idol. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. ♪ i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn.
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time to get down to business. stocks crawled their way back from a rough start on thursday with the s&p setting yet another all-time record. saturday night live will kick
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off the 40th season in the fall. and to celebrate, ben and jerry's ice cream has four new flavors. the first two are gillys catastrophic crunch and lazy sunday. they launched in october, 1975. and harley davidson, famous for the sound, is working on an electric bike that's virtually silent. 0 to 60 in four seconds with no shifting. two more examples of america going to pot. new york has become the 23rd state to legalize some form of medical marijuana. and in washington state, two college students came up with a marijuana delivery app called canary. allowing those with cards to place orders for their favorite herb. and a promo in an upcoming show for the guys at epic meal time, one of the driver members
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jumps into a vat of diet coke wearing about a thousand mentos mints. poof. all right, stories making news this morning. ♪ you make me feel ♪ you make me feel ♪ you make me -- >> that is carol king singing "natural woman" written with her husband who died yesterday. gerry goffin. will you love me tomorrow, pleasant valley sunday, and whitney house's saving all my love for you, you sing along with the crowd. and king called him her first love. his current wife said he died of natural causes. he was 75. a florida man riding a motorcycle vaults over a car,
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two flips, and gets up like it was just nothing. doesn't this look like a stunt, it's not. he saw the car coming and slammed both brakes, flying through the air. no serious injuries. he just walks away. that is amazing. and u.s. and mexico discuss ways ways to curb the illegal immigration of minors. thousands of minors are fleeing poverty in central america. and they are talking about ways to collaborate and solve the problem. and goliath is now up and running at six flags near chicago. it's the world's fastest coaster at 72 mooiles an hour. oh, my. you plummet at near vertical 85 degrees. that is scary. i would not do it. all right, 17 minutes past the hour, jay carney on sometimes feeling like the
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like the things -- this is how the president feels, or this is the administration's policy. or some days you go out there and go, i'm going to wing this and try not to start an international incident. >> there is a danger that as you've done it for a while, you begin to think you don't need to actually -- >> i'm kind of the president. >> well, as hillary clinton steps into the political spotlight, former president bill clinton is trying to play up his anti-poverty economic record without going too far. check it out on and brian webb on why he thinks our foreign policy on iran is flawed in the future. >> we don't have a long-term strategic objective. we're not thinking long-term in thousand ohhow to prevent thesen
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the future. >> and that's scrambled politics. i'm joined by kevin from the hill. it's friday, it's kevin day. >> happy friday. >> good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> i'm sure the president is ready for the week to be over. >> yes. >> rough one, approval rating low, two years to go, how can he win the confidence of the american people back? >> that's the million dollar question. i think he had a rough week. when you look at what's happening internationally everywhere, most notably obviously iraq, and this coming off of the bergdahl swap. i think there's just a lot of frustration among the electorate. what the president needs to do is to really develop a cohesive strategy, i think, to kind of get out there ahead of the memories to sell and to rally democrats. but a lot of these democrats in the midterms are in a tough re-election race. they're more weary to support the president on these
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initiatives because they don't want to be aligned so much with him. >> new gallup poll shows americans don't trust congress. >> they don't like anybody. >> these numbers are staggering. only 7% of those surveyed have a great deal of confidence in washington lawmakers. record low. are they getting the message here? >> as senator john mccain always says the only thing americans don't like more than congress is, you know, like some,like, b bands like cede or nickelback. i think they're not -- they're not a fan. are they getting the message? it's tough to say. when you look what's happened with things like the partisanship we have seen, and the brinksmanship. there's no major legislation going to get passed. >> they should worry because
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midterms are right around the corner. >> what's interesting, when you look at the home state numbers, the exception is eric cantor, and the home state numbers, incumbents tend to have an advantage. but i think the consensus in washington is that the republicans right now would take the senate and the house, which, as we just talked about, obama's struggles, that's even more of a ho headache. even more gridlock after november. >> thanks, have a great weekend. >> you too. >> first buzz is next. and look at this guy. getting a whole lot of attention, and for all the wrong reasons. that's next. ♪
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all right, time for first
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buzz. and bill is here with me. start with this. everybody is talking about it. >> why do we have to? did you choose this? >> no, it has gone viral. this guy is busted on weapons charges, but how handsome he is. >> i know why you need to show it. >> look the at the piercing blue ice. >> your screen saver now? >> 2500 likes on facebook so far. never seen anything like this. ma mama, i'm in love with a criminal, six felonies, he ain't that cute. >> six. >> he's being held on $900,000 bond. a weapons charge. >> it's a waste. because a guy like that could have done some modeling. >> exactly, right? good-looking guy. >> to want speak about a waste? pool party, good, motorcycle on the deck of the pool, not so
2:29 am
good. >> somebody in trouble. >> that's an expensive birthday. >> yes. i'm betty, this is your first look on msnbc. "way too early" with thomas roberts starts right now. you have a great weekend. i'm told you all about the recent surge of violence in iraq. and how it caught president obama with his mom jeans down. but you know what they say, every brutal terrorist onslaught has a silver lining. in this case, it's brought back my old pals, the iraq pack, and they are singing the same old tunes. >> we had the conflict won, and we had a stable government. >> john mccain is right. we had that conflict won in 2009 when we left iraq a peaceful, shouldering democracy. i believe we have some footage of baghdad at the height of the
2:30 am
surge. ♪ >> if only it were a laughing matter. as the crisis in iraq worsens, president obama is preparing to send several hundred troops back to the war-torn country. but will that be enough to prevent another civil war? plus big problems for wisconsin governor scott walker as newly released court documents put him at the center of a criminal finance scheme. we'll have reaction. and two other potential 2016ers makes the headlines for the wrong reasons. saying something really stupid and then apologizing. this is "way too early." good morning, i'm


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